Germany has a strong and successful history of craft distilling: There are about 35,000 craft and farm distilleries in Germany compared to ca. 3,500 distilleries in the US.

One of the current business growth segments in the US is the craft distilling sector. Some estimates indicate this sector may grow as many jobs like established craft distilling markets such as Germany. This may add up to 1 million jobs in the US in the next decade if the US government keeps up the good work supporting small craft productions creating local jobs. The challenges for entrepreneurs though are diverse in this market segment. We help entrepreneurs and future distillers with individual “on-spot” support and solutions with our US German distilling background and network.

We offer craft distilleries individual support to create unique products enhancing their product portfolio to secure success in local markets and beyond.
  • Product development for craft distilleries
  • Creating of unique liquor brands
  • Developing of new markets for new customers
  • Entering US-German liquor markets and internationalization of brands
  • Start-up concepts and business planning
  • Comparing of still solutions, and quality aspects in production
CPCon supports as well with an extensive distilling partner network:
  • Nosing & faulting support
  • Technical advice for craft distilling equipment and setup
  • Distillery trouble shooting
  • Interims Management for distilleries
  • Barrel management
  • Preparation for competitions
  • Marketing solutions

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“We at CPCon believe in CRAFT, and we believe that QUALITY is the KEY to SUCCESS, but PRODUCT DIVERSITY and UNIQUENESS will be the DRIVER for ongoing SUCCESS of your craft distillery in LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL markets.”