A Country Analysis is addressing political, demographic, economic, social and regulatory environment prevailing in a country of interest.

We provide detailed and customized reports for companies and their products’ specifics in the targeted market.

Economic Indicators:

Indicators are i.e. GDP (Gross domestic product), CPI (Consumer price index), inflation rate, PPI (Producer Price Index). High GDP growth, low inflation rate and high CPI can be favorable for company investments.

Government Policy:

Reviewing of government programs and policies that promote the growth of certain industries, i.e. tax exemptions.

Industry Associations:

Associations may work towards governmental easing of regulations and enhancing of business opportunities and business growth.

Financial Climate:

Reviewing of the reliability of the financial market determines the risks faced by companies and investor, i.e. the extend of regulations, liquidity and volatility.

Trade & Sales Regulations:

Trading conditions will have impact on the profit and the potential capabilities.

Human Resource:

Reviewing of the level of skilled work forces and salary structures.


A review of infrastructure includes i.e. condition of roads and railroads, number of deep-sea ports, traffic, internet access, service companies.

Political Climate:

Determination of political stability and climate will point out future risks and chances in that market.