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US Market Access

Metro Atlanta is one of the three largest inland distribution markets in the US beside Chicago and Dallas. Georgia’s top partners for imports with $67 billion in goods in 2011 have been China, Germany, Mexico, South Korea and Japan. Atlanta’s Top 10 international air cargo hub offers a 24-hour operations of cargo flights with no landing slots and low landing fees used by 16 major air cargo carriers. 

A Foreign Trade Zone allows for lower importing costs and faster speed to market. Cargo delivery trucks may reach more than 80% of U.S. industrial market and 79% of nation’s largest consumer markets within 2 delivery days.

Atlanta: Headquarters for the Americas

Atlanta is a “custom-fit” solution with ready access to the Americas’ free trade agreements: Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport facilitates access to 60 destinations in 28 countries in the Americas and Atlanta offers as an international city an expansive cultural diversity and international workforce.

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