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US-German Tax

US Expats working in Germany will need to file a tax return in Germany. CPCon is providing your tax return in Germany and will discuss customized tax solutions with your US CPA as well as any questions to the US-German taxation treaty.

US Expats in Germany face to file their taxes in two countries with very different tax laws. The German tax authorities demand a tax return in case any kind of income, different than the US tax authorities that always demand a tax return.

Germany and the US differ in many small cultural differences, every Expat faces possible communicative barriers that might cause misunderstandings concerning your tax issues either on your or your US consultant side. Different time zones of at least +6 hours between Germany and the US frame the time window for negotiations between the company's accounting department, the US tax authorities as well as the German tax authorities or the CPA's representing you. Andreas-A. Porsiel is German Steuerberater with more than 20 years of experience in tax consulting services for international employees in Germany.

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