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Expat Tax

There are approximately 250,000 Germans living in the Southeast USA. Some of them have still income or property in Germany, some of them don't. In such cases there might not be a direct need to file a tax return in Germany, but it could reduce your tax payments in certain periods significantly.

In Germany you are only obliged to pay taxes if you have taxable income. Therefore many German expatriate workers do not necessarily need to file taxes in Germany while living and working abroad. But in some cases it would make sense to file a tax return.We recommend to have a German Steuerberater/ CPA check on your individual tax case, especially if you had deductible income in this period. In such a case the filing of your individual tax return in Germany could reduce your tax burden significantly. We offer special packages designed for the needs of Expat workers. We contact your local US CPA and prepare the tax returns in Germany. There is no need of a change of your local CPA service. In cases that you do not have a US CPA consultant we can recommend on your request partners from our network.

German Tax for Employees

Before sending US employees abroad you might like to get an idea of their German annual income tax liability. A quick peek can be helpful. The German Ministry of Finance offers a German tax online calculator. Please enter the taxable income (all expenses deducted) in the row “zu versteuerndes Einkommen”. You need to declare your worldwide income in Germany for the full year. This is the case even if you moved to Germany on the last day of the year (calendar year = tax year in Germany) with the intention to stay in Germany for at least 6 months. Any foreign income before moving to Germany will not be taxed in Germany. But this income will have an impact on the tax rate you pay on your German income. We cover all of your US-German taxation issues with your local US CPA and secure no double taxation.

GermanTax Solutions for companies

International business demands specialized tax knowledge. Especially the German tax authorities have a variety of specialties. CPCon is providing this knowledge for you - and accomplishes your accounting/ book-keeping department, provides second opinions and expertise as well as being your representative for the German tax authorities.

For further detailes please call Andreas A. Porsiel Steuerberater/ German CPAtoday for a personalized quotation in the US +1 678 534 8600; in Germany +49 211 2482 0503.

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